BOSQ Easter Camp 2008, Lonesome

Shots from the Bushwalkers Of Southern Queensland basecamp at "Lonesome", Northern NSW, during the Easter Long Weekend, 2008.

hpim1915.jpg hpim1916.jpg hpim1917.jpg hpim1918.jpg hpim1919.jpg hpim1920.jpg hpim1921.jpg hpim1922.jpg hpim1923.jpg hpim1924.jpg hpim1925.jpg hpim1926.jpg hpim1927.jpg hpim1928.jpg Mystery bug: Can anyone identify this beetle?
hpim1930.jpg hpim1931.jpg hpim1932.jpg Split Rock, at Bald Rock National Park
hpim1934.jpg hpim1935.jpg hpim1936.jpg hpim1937.jpg hpim1938.jpg hpim1939.jpg Where's Wa^WLizzy...?
A bathtub with a view ... pity they didn't pay the pool 
hpim1942.jpg hpim1943.jpg hpim1944.jpg hpim1945.jpg hpim1946.jpg hpim1947.jpg hpim1948.jpg hpim1949.jpg hpim1950.jpg hpim1951.jpg hpim1952.jpg hpim1953.jpg hpim1954.jpg hpim1955.jpg hpim1956.jpg hpim1957.jpg hpim1958.jpg hpim1959.jpg hpim1960.jpg The entrance to an old mine tunnel.
Inside the mine tunnel, looking out.
hpim1963.jpg Brian inspects a cluster of rocks for a possible secret stash
Further down the tunnel... one bat is captured mid-flight by 
the camera.
hpim1966.jpg A few more bats further down the tunnel.
hpim1968.jpg hpim1969.jpg One of many bats living in the tunnel.
A nearby mine shaft.
hpim1972.jpg hpim1973.jpg The collapsed entrance of another mine tunnel (probably due to 
water damage)
hpim1975.jpg hpim1976.jpg hpim1977.jpg hpim1978.jpg hpim1979.jpg hpim1980.jpg hpim1981.jpg hpim1982.jpg hpim1983.jpg hpim1984.jpg hpim1985.jpg hpim1986.jpg hpim1987.jpg hpim1988.jpg hpim1989.jpg hpim1990.jpg hpim1991.jpg