BOSQ Westway's Grave Walk, 2009

Shots from the ill-fated trip through Lammington National Park's wilderness area.

Darrin Hitchman and Dr KoertJan 184Darrin Hitchman and equipmentDarrin Hitchman being winched up to HelicopterDarrin Hitchman strapping together the equipment to lift outDarrin holding the anchor line for Patrick and KoertJanDarrin preparing last of the gear to be winched up.Downdraft of chopper on the creek waterholeHelichopter sends down cable 187Helicopter 203Helicopter Arrives from Stinson Park 183Morning tea break174POD and KoertJan commencing lift offPOD and KoertJan lifting off 186Patrick 172Patrick ODonoghue and Dr KoertJan being lifted into chopperPatrick and KoeretJan have been liftedPatrick last drink175Patrick nearly in the ChopperPretty hey 205Rainforest magic 206Return walk still had some pleasures 204Stuart watching the safe lift of PatrickTeam effort to get POD to middle of creek178This is how George was seeing things... a bit fuzzyUp they go 188Up up and Away goes PODdid george know something was coming 177here comes the Helichopter 180no backing out now POD 182ready for lift off 181ready for take off 185sorting stuff before lift off 179the beginning 171the force of downdraft made it hard to hold steadythe terrain 176the terrain 208too scary to focus

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